If you’re looking to boost the aesthetics of your home or office, then decorative stones are just what you need.

For a while now, decorative stones have increased in popularity throughout Ireland.

Homeowners in Cork, Kerry, Limerick and beyond have been sourcing their decorative stone from Dermot Casey Hire and Sales.

Apart from the fact that they improve the look of any space, there are other reasons why decorative stones are pretty popular.

Why Decorative Stones are Popular:

They allow for easy drainage

Driveways and gardens that suffer from heavy rainfall can lead to spot flooding and a messy-looking garden.

Decorative stone allows for easy drainage across gardens and driveways and maintains a beautiful look.

While tarmac is popular, it requires more work and planning for the simple runoff of rainwater.

They are versatile

Decorative stones are also quite popular because of their adaptability. Designers love decorative stones because they come in multiple colours, shapes, and sizes, making it possible to come up with several unique combinations.

They can be used on driveways, as part of garden features and to amplify existing features of your home and business.

They are beautiful

Decorative stones like pebbles and slate are easy on the eye. Gardeners and other designers love using slates and pebbles because they are smooth and come in multiple appealing colours.

Your home or business area stands out with the use of decorative stone. You can find a wide variety at Dermot Casey Hire and Sales.

Let’s have a look at a few samples.

Types of Decorative stone:

Here are some of the most popular decorative stones we have at Dermot Casey’s:


Limestone is mostly used for finishing. Among the many reasons why limestone is quite popular is its durability. Unlike other decorative stones, limestone is hard-wearing, making it suitable for constructing driveways.

Limestone Decorative Stone
Limestone Decorative Stone
Plum Slate

This beautiful purple slate stone is mostly used in gardening and landscaping.

The beauty of this type of stone is usually optimized when the stone is wet. Regarding gardening, slate is suitable for moisture retention and helps plants withstand hot climates.

Plum Slate Decorative Stone
Plum Slate Decorative Stone
Pink Granite

Using beautiful natural materials is increasingly becoming common in interior and exterior design.

Pink granite is a classic example of a beautiful decorative stone that can make any space appealing. Furthermore, this decorative stone is quite durable and can be customized to your specifications.

Pink Granite Decorative Stone
Pink Granite Decorative Stone
Scottish Red Granite

This is a popular decorative material for car parks and driveways. Its inherent strength is among the many reasons why this particular stone is preferred.

Scottish-red stones are strong enough to withstand both pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

Scottish Red Granite Decorative Stone
Scottish Red Granite Decorative Stone

Get in touch for any Decorative Stone enquiries:

There are different types of decorative stones, and each stone type has a unique benefit. Slate, for example, is generally sharp and is more suited to gardens, smooth stones are ideal for ponds and patios.

While slate may not be ideal for driveways because they can easily slice open car tires. When dealing with decorative stones, it is always wise to seek expert advice.

Let the team at Dermot Casey’s know what you are looking for, if you have samples even better.

If we do not have your samples in stock, we will do our best to source what you need or we will provide a beautiful alternative for your home and business.