No matter the size of your project or construction business, we believe it is best to organise a wacker plate hire than to purchase this particular piece of machinery.

It is not that they do not do the job, it is because they are not required on every project.

Wacker plate hire should be used for heavy-duty impacting.

From levelling new surface areas to improving driveways and building foundations.

Wacker plates can come in very handy on a lot of building projects.

If you have driveway improvements or small road works wacker plates will come in handy by compressing fresh tarmac into open holes.

They are also ideal for levelling off soil, gravel and sand.

You will know when you require a wacker plate hire.

But why not buy a Wacker?

Wacker plates have many uses, but as we have said they are not always required. Depending on the trade you are in you will know when one is required.

Without consistent use, the cost of purchasing a wacker plate is often too high.

With age and wear and tear impacting its value, if you do not take care of a purchased wacker it may end up being costly to your company.

At Dermot Casey Hire we can supply you with what you need when you need it.

Our units are stored, maintained and serviced correctly, meaning you only pay for the quality you need.


Often heavy and tricky to manoeuvre, wackers can take up quite a lot of space.

Space you can use for machinery you get far more use out of.

With compacter hire you have little to worry about, as we take care of it for you.

Perhaps you need a wacker plate hire in Cork for a few days, Dermot Casey are happy to supply it for you.

Variety of choice:

If you do not hire a wacker plate, but purchase instead, you may be stuck with the wrong piece of machinery.

A small wacker plate can add considerable time to the project and not get the job done properly.

Whereas a piece that is too big may not fit and could damage work that has already been completed.

If you hire a wacker plate from Dermot Casey Hire, you get the right size and fit for the project at hand.

You can see a detailed list of the Wackers & Compactors for hire below, our range includes:

Petrol Floor Saw – 14″ Wacker BFS1345A

Petrol Floor Saw – 14″ Wacker BFS1345A

Petrol Trench Rammer Wacker BS60

Petrol Trench Rammer Wacker BS60

Heavy Reversible Compactor Plate (Diesel) Wacker DPU2440

Heavy Reversible Compactor Plate (Diesel) Wacker DPU2440

Dermot Casey Hire:

Dermot Casey Hire offer a wide range of machinery options for construction and DIY projects.

Operating throughout Cork, we can offer wacker plate hire cork services along with a host of other machinery pieces.

Simply get in touch today, see all our contact details here.