Dermot Casey Hire and Sales work with landscapers, gardeners and building professionals to provide them with the best materials and plant hire options in the North Cork region. In conjunction with our tree care services we also provide professional tree care machinery hire services, including woodchipper hire.

Woodchippers are a speciality device that speed up the cutting and trimming process. We are happy to provide woodchipper hire options to our customers.

Woodchipper hire in Cork can be a cost-effective approach to creating that much-needed mulch and clearing areas around your home and business.

Why use a Woodchipper?

After felling trees or clearing large swathes of bush and shrubs there are a few options that you can consider.

Trees and branches can be cut and trimmed and later dried for use as firewood should you choose to do so. We can do that for you at Dermot Casey Tree Care.

Another option is to turn these trees and bushes into useful and healthy mulch, which is where woodchipper hire from Dermot Casey Hire and Sales comes in handy.

Woodchippers can quickly and effectively chip your trees for mulch that you can use at home.

Woodchipper hire best practices:

Should you choose to hire a woodchipper from us there are several best practices that should be followed:

  • The area around the woodchipper and feeding area should be clear of any obstruction which may hinder or impact the feeding process to your woodchipper. Plus, the operator should not be wearing any lose clothing.
  • The material must be inspected before feeding it true the woodchipper. Clean timber only, no soil or earth should be feed into the machine or even ruts, metal or wire is a no no. Wire, wire-fencing or nails attached or embedded in branches will damage blades and or feed rollers. Rope and any other materials other than clean timber should not be feed into the machine.
  • It is in important that one person is responsible for the operation of the woodchipper and the must be present when collecting the machine as a safety and operation briefing will be provided
  • The appointed / briefed person should be the only person to feed material into the wood chipper they must assess the material as it has been feed.
  • Do not undertake any work that you are untrained for or unsure of. Be sure to call the team at Dermot Casey Hire and Sales for any questions you may have.

When to use a woodchipper?

If you are considering our woodchipper hire services in Cork, then you may be wondering when is the best time to hire a woodchipper?

Woodchippers can be large and cumbersome machines that should only be used when they are needed.

  • We utilise woodchippers when undertaking large tree clearing projects or dealing with particularly large trees.
  • They speed up the clearing process, creating useful and healthy mulch and can reduce the need for manual cutting and removal of tree pieces.
  • You must weigh up whether you want to create mulch from your tree waste or firewood which you can use or sell yourself.

Woodchipper Hire in Cork

Woodchipper hire Cork, costs:

The costs associated with hiring a woodchipper depend on several variables this includes the size of the machine you wish to hire, the length of time for the hire and whether you will use your operators or employ the services of Dermot Casey tree care.

For a more accurate quote and a note on availability, it’s important to contact Dermot Casey Hire and Sales before you undertake any project.

You can check out the full spec for our 65MM Woodchipper, here, and also a Wood Chipper 6″ here. Both ready for hire throughout Cork and Mallow.

Where we work, throughout Cork and Munster…

Dermot Casey Hire and Sales work in the Munster region and can hire out to Cork, Mallow and the surrounding areas.

Should you wish to hire a woodchipper or are interested in any of our services please get in touch with the team today.  We are based in Mallow, but supply to all over Cork and Muster.  Contact the team today on 022 21854 or email:

What we also provide at Dermot Casey…

We also sale Stihl Chainsaws and the full range of Stihl Garden and Construction Outdoor Power Tools in our sales showroom based in Mallow, Co. Cork.  We offer an online service where you can order for click and collect or home delivery. For more info visit or call the Sales Team on 022-21854

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