Ready to use liquid admixture containing air entrapping agents
Plasticiser a mix and provides a satisfactory mortar without the use of lime
Proven, economical, simple to use
Imparts resistance to the effects of freezing

EVO-STIK Mortar Plasticiser is a blend of synthetic and modified lignin-based surface active agents without lime. It is designed to improve plasticity and to provide some frost resistance in set mortar.

EVO-STIK Mortar Plasticiser improves the workability of mortar without the addition of lime. It helps to reduce grittiness to provide a smooth easy to work mortar with improved adhesion. It also reduces the water content of the mortar. This plasticiser is suitable to plasticise mortars for bricklaying and pointing, blockwork, renderings and backing coats. EVO-STIK Mortar Plasticiser conforms to EN934-3.

Size: 5 litre (SKU 30812582), 25 litre (SKU 30812581)

Colour: Dark Brown

Composition: Aqueous solution of modified, lignin-based surface active agents

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